Samsung has filed a new patent for All screen display with World Intellectual Property Organisation.This patent reveals the future of Samsung Galaxy devices which are going to have all screen display. 
Samsung latest patent reveals that how one can get full-screen or true all screen display without affecting the antenna bands, as the front of the device will have a full display without any bezels.Samsung has achieved a new design where one can get all screen at the front without degrading the signal quality due to less space for an antenna or the display will change its color due to the antenna is now place behind the full-screen display.The patent also comes with series of sketches which show us the future of smartphone display.
As per the images, we can see the future Samsung devices will sport all-display screen without any bezels.The earpiece, front-facing camera and sensors are now placed beneath the front panel.The images also show the edge display as it has curved display on both the side which we saw on S7 Edge.Samsung has also redesigned the top and bottom of the display.
With this patent, we can’t claim that Samsung will launch exactly the same device in the future as this patent is applied to the issues faced while increasing the display sizes.Like, as per this patent, the selfie camera will be placed behind the display and will be visible only when you use the selfie camera otherwise it will be hidden below the display. The patent also reveals additional display which might be placed at the back of the device for more information when viewed from the back.So this patent does help us to imagine the future of smartphone.