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Samsung is revamping its strategies to gain back the first position from Xiaomi.

Samsung has finally lost its first position to Xiaomi and is unhappy about the result.Both Samsung and Xiaomi had 23.5% market share by earlier this week.

Now to gain back the lost position Samsung is planning to revamp its business strategies in India.A shuffle in Samsung mobile division is likely to take place next month as the Samsung India CEO HC Hong completes his three years as CEO in India which will be reviewed by higher officials.

Now to tackle with Xiaomi Samsung is planning to offer similar specs and features under exactly the same pricing as what Xiaomi is offering.So Samsung is set to launch more Galaxy J-series and Galaxy On-series devices in coming weeks in a range of Rs.8000/- to Rs.15,000/-.

Samsung said that they will launch a couple of new models soon which will directly compete with Xiaomi’s bestselling products and will match the price.Xiaomi launched its Mi Home this year which made Xiaomi huge profit under offline markets and made way to top position in India.Xiaomi has also started preferred partners with some of the offline retailers in India which also helped Xiaomi a lot to gain the first position. Samsung stopped providing their handsets to Xiaomi Preferred stores which might be the reason behind the failure.