Get fast, insightful updates with rich content in the all-new Yahoo Cricket app

Its Cricket season and we are busy with our daily task and stuck at work and can’t enjoy the match but now we can get scores from the matches with live commentary on our smartphones. There are a lot of apps which do provide live scores and commentary for live Cricket matches and today we are reviewing one of them with all new Yahoo Cricket App which just got better with latest updates.
Yahoo Cricket App is light with just 7MB  and will not take much space on your smartphone.With the latest update, Yahoo has added some of the following features.

Quickest score updates and commentary

Our superfast ball-by-ball commentary and score updates will make your LIVE experience the best ever. Users will be able to scroll through the commentary of the entire match, including boundaries, on-the-go.

In addition, the app’s visually stunning intuitive design offers superb user experience. Users can skip to the action directly by landing on to the homepage which shows the scores for the latest matches. There is match by match commentary, enriched with a feature-rich match center, engaging infographics, real-time polls, tweets, and photos that help you relive all the action.


Users can also read the latest cricket news and the most interesting opinions from around the world, live on the app.

Crank up the excitement with the “Ball by Ball” feature 

Users will now be able to view when a bowler starts his run-up and anticipate what will happen next through the ‘Ball by Ball’ feature.

Catch up with ‘Moments You Missed’ 

If you need to get back to work, but don’t want to miss out on the game, this unique feature will capture key moments and recap them for you when you return to the app.

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Activate notifications for your favorite teams 

Notifications exclusively curated to send alerts for all important match events of your favorite teams. Now if you cannot sit in front of a TV all day for an ODI, or five days for a Test match, simply select what you would like to watch — boundaries, wickets only, or the complete ball by ball match highlights.


Keep track of the upcoming matches

Users can track tournament-wise or team-wise fixtures of upcoming matches.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and download the app right now for latest updates and live score with commentary for Cricket matches.

Available on iOS and Android devices, the app offers a slew of new features such as ‘Moments You Missed’, ‘One of the fastest ball-by-ball commentary’, infographics, embedded tweets and a lightning-fast source of cricket scores, news, and stats.