Microsoft latest patent leaked which shows us the new type of 3.5 mm audio port specially made for slim smartphones.With Slimmer smartphone trend is going on among all brands and to make the device slim they are ditching the 3.5 mm audio jack so that they can save some space.With this latest patent from Microsoft, one can solve the issue of 3.5 mm audio port on slim smartphones.

As per the leaked document, we can see the images showing us the 3.5 mm audio port which is now been moved to the back of the smartphone. The new 3.5 mm audio port at the back can expand when using it and close when not required.So which sounds interesting and will not affect much space as it will bulge out only when you are using it and will remain flat when not using it.It might look ugly when you are using the 3.5 mm audio port as it expands the back of the device but you have if you use the 3.5 mm audio port a lot.With the increase in popularity among the wireless headphones we cannot expect this feature will ever be implemented in the future.

The Patent is too old and was filed when they use to make Microsoft Lumia smartphones as of now the Windows Mobile is dead and we cannot expect this feature will ever come on Lumia devices but yes there are chances of it coming on some Android smartphone manufacturers in the near future.