Datally is a new app from Google which is now available for download on Google App Store.The Datally is data tracking app made by Google which helps users to check the data used by each app or overall and one can even set the data usage alert on the app.

The main features include Datally understand your data usage and recommend you how to save your data. You can even control your data by setting Data Saver on so that it will block the background data usage and one can track the real-time data usage.One can even block the data for a particular app which is consuming a lot of data.Datally app will also search for nearby Public Wifi networks and recommends you to connect.

Datally app is compatible with all devices running on Android 5.0 and above.Datally app was initially tested in the Philippines where people save as much as 30% of the data as per Google.

Here is the download link.