Apple had filed the patent infringement issue over the Samsung for using the slide to unlock and quick links which were exclusive to Apple and Samsung just copied these features which led Apple filing the case in mid-2014. From then on it was a number of additional review over the patent infringement by appellate bodies.In late, 2016 the US Court of Appeal for Federal Circuits announced that Samsung must pay fine to Apple for using their patents.

Now, after further moving the case to higher Supreme Court, Samsung was asked to pay $120 million to Apple as it ruled against Samsung.With the patent infringement issues running so many years between the two companies and many top judicial bodies were not listening to Samsung appeal and which led to Apple major win in the legal battle.Samsung appealed to the court that the original fine issued to the company was not as per legal terms and condition, without any test conducted by experts and supporting documents about the patent filed they can’t pay the fine. But Apple was against the statement made by Samsung and told Samsung appeal doesn’t hold anything value that SCOTUS needs to be reviewed and the court agreed with Apple.

Samsung now has to pay the penalty by end of this year.Apple and Samsung are working together despite this legal battle and Samsung is the major supplier for Apple iPhone X display.Earlier, we had leaks which claim that Apple wants to free itself from Samsung dependent and looking for some other major OLED manufacturer. So Apple has teamed with LG Displays and also have started a separate plant for iPhone display in South Korea, so in near future, we can see  Apple iPhone having LG made display.