Qualcomm and Apple fights have now moved from the US to China.Now Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit which will completely ban Apple from manufacturing and sale of iPhones in China.This is a big move from Qualcomm which might affect a lot for Apple.As per Apple, Qualcomm is overcharging them for using their technologies.

Qualcomm on other side is suing Apple for not making payments for using their invented technologies and patents.The Apple and Qualcomm battle is already going on from past one year in the US and now it is moved to China.As of now, Apple has not yet commented on the new lawsuit filed by Qualcomm.

As per Qualcomm, there are three non-standard essential patents which include Power management, and force touch technology used on both iPhones and MacBooks.As per Qualcomm these standard essential patents are needed to be used and need to pay royalty as they are needed for smartphone use.

If Qualcomm wins the lawsuit then Apple will lose a market share of 22.5% in China which is around $215.6 billion in past year sales of iPhones.Recently Apple had launched their new Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and just a few weeks left for next iPhone X to go on sale and we have a bad news with Qualcomm suing Apple.If ban gets passed it will usually last for few weeks until both of the company get into a negotiation with each other.We have to wait what will be Apple reaction on this and Apple has already played a blame game by not paying the royalties for patent used.