Apple is well known for its iPhones, iPads, iPods, MacBooks, and iMac and many people in India do import the Apple products from many other countries due to pricing and availability. As we all know Apple products are priced extremely high in countries like India due to high tax and other charges with this move people will now have a chance to get International warranty even if they buy outside India.

Apple will now provide International warranty on all unlocked iPhones, iPads MacBooks, and iMac even if the user purchases the products outside India.So that means, now if you buy iPhone which is unlocked one from Singapore or US and you face issues on you iPhones then you can directly claim the warranty in India in any Apple service center and no need to go to an exact place or country from where you originally purchased the product.

Do note that the products only which are available in India can claim International warranty and not the other devices which are not launched in India.Which means that if you purchase iPhone 8 from UAE and as we all know iPhone 8 is already available in India so you are eligible for the International warranty and if you purchase Apple Smartwatch series 3 with LTE from the US and as the LTE version is not yet available in India then you will not get any warranty on that product in India.

Do note that the International warranty is only applicable for India as of now.

So would you buy Apple iPhone 8 or iPhone X from Singapore or UAE where it is priced cheaper than India? Do leave your thoughts in the comment section below.