Samsung launched their all new line up of Infinity display with Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8. Now Samsung is planning to implement a completely bezel-less device which look-a-like iPhone 8 and Essential PH-1 which is having a seperate front-facing cut-out in between the display.

From the leaked images we can see the completely bezel-less device with a cutout at the top for selfie camera, earpiece, and sensors.The cutout is somewhat smaller than what we earlier saw on Essential PH-1 and upcoming iPhone 8 leaks.

The above patent was applied by Samsung in 2016 which is even earlier than the Essential PH-1 and iPhone 8 came in the notice.So Samsung might bring such design in upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.What do you think of this patent ? will you buy such device if launched? Do leave your suggestion in the comment section below.