Samsung is all in news with its first foldable smartphone rumoured to be called the Galaxy X. As per Bussiness Korea, Samsung is busy making the Android smartphone which folds inwards and can reduce the size of the display to half the display size.

This is not the first time Samsung is in news with foldable smartphone earlier there was news that Samsung was developing smartphone which folds outwards which was later scrapped by Samsung due to unknown reasons and now we have news of Samsung developing reverse of the earlier device with a device that folds inwards.Samsung had made many changes in design for the project on Foldable smartphone and is struggling hard to commercialize it.As per earlier reports, Samsung was struggling hard in durability and consistency issues on a foldable smartphone and no news whether the Samsung has solved the issue or not. Earlier we had some rumours of launching the first foldable smartphone the Galaxy X by end of this year which is now delayed to 2018.

Earlier this month Samsung Electronics President quoted that they are working on a first foldable smartphone and if all goes right they will launch the device soon which clearly tells us that they are working hard to overcome the issues faced in making a foldable smartphone.But now, we have another manufacturer ZTE is rumoured to launch worlds first foldable smartphone with ZTE Axon M which is rumoured to be launched later this year.