LG is all set to launch their next flagship with LG V30 on August 31. As the days are getting nearer toward launch we are getting back to back leaks regarding the device. Now we have some leaks about the LG V30 camera, as per sources LG V30 will have the worlds widest camera aperture with f/1.6 and will now sport 16MP and 13MP rear camera.

LG V30 rear camera will have the largest aperture size in a smartphone of f/1.6 which will help the device to produce great low-light images.As per LG, the F/1.6 lens will take 25% more light when compared to F/1.8 lens.Now there will be Cyrstal Clear Lens which delivers great light collecting ability than Plastic Lens.LG V30 camera is also 30% lower edge distortion when compared to LG V20 camera.The rear camera module is  30% smaller in size than the predecessor.


As per latest leaks, LG V30 will have a 16MP camera and 13MP Wide angle camera at the back.Earlier LG G6 was having 13MP Dual camera setup so there is a slight change in rear cameras with LG V30.

The best feature of LG G6 was both the camera were of 13MP and one had Wide angle lens and other with the normal angle, which helps the user to switch between two with losing resolution.So we have to see how will LG V30 camera performs as it will have two different resolutions one with 16MP and other with 13MP.