Earlier we got the design leaks of the upcoming most rumoured device with Apple iPhone 8. Now we have some of the features leaked for the iPhone 8 which was found in the firmware of the Apple HomePod.

From the firmware of the Apple HomePod, developers have got some details that the next iPhone 8 will have a feature called tap to wake and split the status bar.There are no details that Apple iPhone 8 will come with under display fingerprint scanner tech.

As we all know that iPhone 8 is all set to ditch the Home button for bezel-less display and now from HomePod firmware we have got to know that iPhone 8 will have a home indicator which acts like a button.The status bar is also redesigned that will now split between the earpiece and selfie camera.

As per followers of Troughton-Smith also unveiled that a lot of new details to rumoured facial recognition has popped out which Apple might introduce with the next iPhone.

There is nothing new with Tap to wake feature as we already saw this feature in many Android devices.So we have to wait for Sept/Oct for Apple to officially unveil the next iPhone 8.