Earlier we had news that Google is working on new project which helps smartphone manufacturers to provide faster updates to their device which was called as project Treble.Now we have the Project Treble all in news again with its better security for Android OS.

After Google removing the need of Chip manufacturers to write the code for Chip on the market each time when there is a new version of Android is released, which makes smartphone manufacturer provide faster updates to the users.Now Google is deciding to make it more secure by providing faster security updates to the devices with Project Treble as it is going to remove the Vendor implementation of Android Framework, which will make things even difficult for the malacious code to attack.

According to Android Developers latest blog, most direct hardware access has been completely removed from Audio and camera servers.With moving various HAL from running in shared process to running in sandboxed process, Google can grant permission and drivers to only that HAL that specifically needs it.Earlier, HAL had access to all the permission and drivers. With this features, the Project Treble is getting smart is what Google wants to tell.