Finally, Xiaomi is launching the successor to Mi Mix with Mi Mix 2 later this year, with that we have got some images of the actual device from Chinese social media website Weibo.Earlier the Mi Mix designer Philip Starck visited the Headquarters of Xiaomi to discuss the Mi Mix successor and even took some pics with an employee of Xiaomi.Now finally, the leaks are started to arrive for the same.

A leaked Xiaomi document for developers made its limelight on Mi Mix 2 design.As per document, they have mentioned about Mi Mix 2 and popularisation of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Lg G6 which has a similar aspect ratio and display.The document further states that Xiaomi will introduce more full-screen devices with higher screen ratio and larger display sizes.The document was released to developer due to the effect of the new design will have some major software changes and write-up also made attention in two aspects one with a larger screen and other with virtual navigation key.

Mi Mix had a display size of 6.4 inches with an aspect ratio of 17:9 and accounted 91.3% screen to body ratio.As per leaks, Mi Mix 2 might have a higher screen to body ratio with 93% and higher aspect ratio as per the document.The original Mi Mix too had Virtual navigation and cantilever piezoelectric earpiece. With Mi Mix 2, Xiaomi has partnered with AAC technologies again with next gen of the earpiece called AAC actuator.The AAC actuator is said to achieve a better screen sound, especially at low frequency. It also works better with the 3GPP standard.

As per above-leaked images of Mi Mix 2, the design looks similar to Samsung Galaxy S8.From images, Mi Mix 2 doesn’t look like having a larger 6.4-inch display, as of now, we can’t claim that the leaked renders are of actual Mi Mix 2.However, Mi Mix 2 will be launched only in Q4 of this year.

Earlier there were rumours of Redmi Pro 2 will have the similar full-screen display, but as per leaked images, we can’t tell that low-end device will ever get such a great design similar to the flagship.As of now, we have no idea which phone it is but we might expect it to be Mi Mix 2 by the bezel-less display.It even might be the Samsung Galaxy S8 running on MIUI ROM.We have to wait longer for few more design leaks so that we can confirm whether the Mi Mix 2 will look like the above-leaked pics or not.

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