Xiaomi crowdfunding Mijia is all set in launching spree with lots of innovative products for daily needs. Now Mijia has launched a Red Dot Prize Stainless Steel Pot series for the kitchen.

There are three Stainless Steel Pot one for soup pot, a saute pan and a milk pot.It is been made by Wu Yi Technology Co, based from Shenzen in China and same company will also handle the after sale service.

All the Stainless steel pot are been made up of SAE 304 stainless steel and has a glass lid with red coloured handles.The pot can be used on Gas Stove, Electric Stove, Induction Cookers and even in an electric furnace.The Stainless Steel Pot has got many features like there are marking engraved inside the pot for measurement.Handles are designed to hold turning sticks and ladles.

The Red Dot Prize Stainless Steel is priced at $97.99 (Rs.6400/-) for the whole set of three.You can even buy them separately the Milk Pot is priced at $24 (Rs.1550/-), Saute Pan for $38 (Rs.2500/-) and Soup Pot for $41 (Rs.2700/-).

Red Dot Prize Stainless Steel Pot can be pre-ordered now and will start shipping from 18 July.