Google has applied for a trademark of the #teampixel in USPTO.The listing in USPTO has no details included leaving the name.The application was filed on June 9 and trademark will cover “mobile phones; smartphones” and “advertising and marketing services provided by means of marketing communications, namely, social media, internet marketing, and sharable or viral communications channels.So we can tell from the above details Google is planning something big.

The application for trademark #teampixel is mobile phones which Google has launched the Pixel series of smartphones earlier.Google will launch the successor of  Pixel and Pixel XL soon with codenamed Taimen and Walleye.The #teampixel will be used for 24/7 live customer support for the Pixel smartphone buyers which is accessible directly from the smartphone.It will allow customers to connect the customer care via chat or video call with the ability to share the phone screen.The second purpose of trademark #tempixel is for marketing and social media promotions and live customer support via all leading social media platforms.

With this trademark, it will reach and help all the customer issues within minutes and solve problems earlier than expected.Hope all other brands too make such thing and help customer issues at the earliest.