Google has launched a new section in the Google Play store called as Android Excellence.It is a spotlight feature which highlights the best apps and games on Play store.It shows apps with great technical performance, design, localisation and device optimisation.The Apps and Games will be displayed for three months in Android Excellence section and will get refreshed once in every quarter.It will be the revamped section of Editor Choices section of the Play store.

Now the Editor’s choice will include the reviews of apps and games that are curated by editor teams.This section helps the user to find new apps and games reviewed by Editors team, which will not show only popular apps but also some of the good apps which are not that popular.The Android Excellence not only help users to discover new apps and games which they never heard of but also help the app and games developers to get a huge share by promoting their apps and games.
The Android Excellence update will be hitting your devices today via server-side update.