Apple is all set to launch the iPhone 8 with the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus this September. As dates are getting nearer there is a huge amount of leaks and rumours going about the upcoming iPhones.Apple is celebrating the 10th Anniversary this year and has planned to launch the iPhone 8 as per earlier leaks.We also had leaks of iPhone 8 using Samsung OLED panel for its display.Now we have the latest CAD images leaked by designer and tipster, Benjamin Geskin.

From the above CAD images, we can see the upcoming iPhone 8/X which looks similar to earlier leaks which we have covered.But there might be design changes taking place, so it is too early to comment on the final design of iPhone 8.There were rumours the iPhone 8 might get delayed due to unable to embed the touch ID under the display.If that is the problem then iPhone 8 might come with Touch ID sensor placed on the rear of the device to launch it on time or they might not include the touch ID but put an IRIS scanner or 3D facial recognition as Apple is going to develop world’s first 3D recognition front facing camera made by LG.

From the CAD images, we can see there is a circle at the back but according to the leakster that will be the location for Apple Logo.There is no physical home button at the front which might indicate that it will have Touch ID built in the display.Apple iPhone 8 will have a 5.8-inch display as per leaks.

From the images, we can see there is dual camera setup at the rear of the device which is aligned vertically at the top left corner of the device.Here is some more image renders from SlashLeaks of iPhone 8 attached to a case.The above images confirmed that there is no rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and might come with built in the display.There is very long Power button this time compared to previous gen of iPhones.

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