Qualcomm’s upcoming QC 4.0 will soon launch anytime in Mid 2017. SD 835 is the first chip to come with QC 4.0.The feature of OC 4.0 is it will charge the phone up to 50% within 15 minutes.As of now, devices which are coming with SD 835 are not having QC4.0 support. According to PC World Qualcomm stated that will be more widely available during Middle of 2017.

As we all know the first flagship to ship with SD 835 were the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ which doesn’t have QC 4.0 support, not even QC 3.0 but it is having very old Samsungs Adaptive fast charging wich is QC 2.0  support. There are many other phones like Mi 6 & Sony Xperia XZ Premium which don’t have QC 4.0 support as of now.

As of now, we have no idea when SD 835 will come with QC 4.0 support. So we have to wait for Qualcomm to launch its SD 835 chip with QC 4.0 soon.