Microsoft launches Windows 10 S an new version for the Windows 10. It is launched for low end specs PC and budget laptops.

The Windows 10S is designed to run on low specs PC and laptops and also is smaller in size compared to original Windows 10. It can boot the computer within 15 seconds from the login screen which is faster than the original Windows 10 Pro. The Schools can configure it to run multiple PC by connecting it though USB drive.By just plugging the USB drive loaded with Windows 10S will configure the PC to set itself according to preconfigured settings.

The major difference between the Windows 10 & Windows 10S is that Windows 10S can only runs apps from the Windows Store and we cant install any application via third party.Which might be con and developers must package their existing apps and provide them through Windows store so that user can install them.

Windows 10S will be appearing in new education PC’s and will have starting price of $189  will be available from this Summer. It will include free subscription of Minecraft: Education edition, Microsoft Office 365 for Education with Microsoft Teams. The Schols which are currently running on Windows Pro PC’s will get Windows 10S for free.