As we all know Android is very weak in providing regular OS updates to many of  smartphone companies.Even only 8% of the total Android Smartphones run latest version of Android i.e 7.0 and maximum is still stuck with Marshmallow 6.0.1 and Lollipop 5.1.1.Today, Google has announced that it will try to provide regular and faster OS updates with Project Treble.It will be launched with next version of Android the Android O & it is already under developer preview.

As per Google the Android updates are first sent to SoC manufacturers first like Mediatek, Qualcomm and others, who make changes as per their requirement and then send it to Smartphone companies.The smartphone companies will do necessary changes in the OS based on specific models and then push OTA updates.If ith is carrier locked then OS updates will be sent to those carrier companies for further changes and then updates are pushed to the consumer.

With implementation of Project Treble Google is expected to cut off the update time and provide faster updates.With this project the updates are no longer been sent to chipset manufacturers, the smartphone manufacturer can be directly update their smartphones by going to the special new vendor interface where manufacturer can put their model details and check the eligibility and push the updates.

In addition to this Google is also working directly with device manufacturer to directly implement any of their code changes into common ASOP codebase.Which means that when Android O is released those code changes won’t need to be patched by those companies.

Hope Google solves this major problem with its Project Treble and provide faster updates to all the smartphones available in the market.