Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 is all set to launch this year or early next year as per rumours and now Apple is placing orders for A11 chips from TSMC and even a 3D facial recognition camera from LG Innotek.

Apple upcoming chip A11 will be manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company which also produces 10nm chips for Mediatek and Huawei own HiSilicon Chipset.The A11 chip will be manufactured using 10nm FinFET Technology and will be coming with iPhone 8.There were some issues with stacking component from TSMC, but now the issue is solved and it has started production of Apple’s A11 chips.

Mediatek initially planned to roll out two chipsets with Helio X30 & Helio X35, the second chip manufacturing was cancelled due to demand from Major customers.

With that, there is one more rumour of Apple ordering World’s first 3D facial recognition front camera from LG Innotek.In order to make the 3D facial recognition camera, LG has invested $238.5 million on the completely new facility of manufacturing 3D front camera modules.

With 3D facial recognition, one can unlock the phone faster as it is 3D camera it has the ability to sense the depth and unlocks the phone more secure way.It will work the similar way as we found on Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+.But Samsung Galaxy S8 Duo is using 2D technology and is can be fooled by placing a photograph of the same person so we have to see the Apple’s 3D facial recognition might be more secure compared to Samsung.

Apple & LG are working together since last year on this 3D front camera it not only used for Facial recognition but can also be used for Augmented reality and on entertainment apps.LG Innotek is the same company which even made iPhone 7 Plus dual camera.LG 3D camera will be smaller in size compared to the ordinary front camera and Apple might reduce the bezels on top of the display.

Apple iPhone 8 is expected to have5.8 inch edge to edge OLED display, there will be no physical home button instead will have a virtual home key. As per rumours claim that Apple is not able to develop the built-in fingerprint scanner in the display so it might come with IRIS biometric scanner instead.So we might see the first iPhone with a feature of IRIS scanner.

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