We all like the new Apple Airpods for its truly wireless and we also like the case where we put it back to charge. Now we have some interesting leaks which tells us that the upcoming Apple Airpod cas can be use to charge other iDevices too.Apple is filing a patent for the same and here are some of the images what we got.The patent docs include that the AirPod case will serve as inductive charger, potentially outputting power to iPod, iPhone & even iPads and Macbooks.Even the patent filing shows us how big will be the case.

The current Aipod Case comes with only 398 mAh and can charge only Airpods as of now but the upcoming Case will be a big boxx and how can we charge the devices will be a big question and other question will be how heavy will be the box shaped case and where will you put the Airpods to charge as in the image we don’t get any slot.We have to wait for Apple event which might happen sometime on September 2017.