Android is an OS where you can customise everything from launchers to custom themes to custom widgets and even custom icons.There are lots of apps in Google Play Store which offer a great customisation experience to the user for Android.We have selected top 3 android launchers for any android phone.Here are the top 3 Android launchers.

#1 Nova Launcher:There is no one who doesn’t know about this launcher or who didn’t use it but too it is the best stock launcher one can try. Those who like the stock Android experience would love this app very much but with that stock experience you can even customise by adding themes which support the Nova Launcher and even you can customise the icons as per your requirement.Those who didn’t know or still didn’t try it please give a try if your phone is slow or has less RAM then this launcher is best for you as it takes lesser RAM and storage too.There is also a Prime version of the app where you will get features like double tap to turn off, even add some gestures, Extra Scroll effects, unread counts etc.

Nova Launcher
Here is the link to download the Nova Launcher
#2 ZenUI Launcher: Probably, many people don’t know that Asus Launcher can be installed in any phones now so this is the best launcher those who like more customization and those who doesn’t like stock android but need something different this launcher is for you.Customise the font style, font size, or icon size of your app and widgets on the home screen, lock screen, and all apps screen.It has separate theme store for this launcher and has tons of themes for free.It also has some additional features like App lock and Hides apps which are missing in some launchers.It comes with special Smart Group option which automatically arranges the Apps based on categories.

                                               ZenUI Launcher

Here is the link to download the ZenUI Launcher

#3 Arrow Launcher: Microsoft own launcher which is something different from above two launchers and even one of the fastest launchersThe features includes there is a separate page for recent call list, messages pics clicked and received pics documents etc it is called as the Recent activity. It has Reminder app which gets syncs with Wunderlist app which is integrated within the Launcher. It even changes the wallpaper automatically by downloading the wallpaper and auto applying it from Bing servers which are unique feature none other apps does. if you want to try something different then this is for you.

                                                     Arrow Launcher

Here is the link to download the Arrow Launcher

These were my recommendations for the best launcher you can try. If you have any app recommendations please comment will try to add it to the list.

If you feel that these launchers will cause your battery to drain faster, then start using some battery saving apps to keep a good control over your battery usage.