The OnePlus Nord 4 is expected to be unveiled on July 16th, but images of the phone have already leaked a week before the official reveal. There were previous leaks of schematics and a live image of the phone, but now we have some better renders of the phone, which is said to be available in black, mint, and white/silver.

OnePlus Nord 4:

OnePlus Nord 4 features flat sides and the Alert Slider, allowing users to quickly switch between silent, vibrate, and ring modes. As its removal from the OnePlus 10T caused a stir among OnePlus fans, this is a welcome addition.

As per the leaks, the OnePlus Nord 4 will carry same specs as the new OnePlus Ace 3V which was launched in China earlier this year.

OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Pro:

On July 16, OnePlus will also announce the Nord Buds 3 Pro. According to the teaser, the OnePlus Nord Buds 3 Pro are “the pinnacle of mid-range ANC earbuds”.

OnePlus plans to launch the Nord Buds 3 Pro in at least two colours – mint and black, the same as the Nord 4. Some regions will also receive the Nord Buds 3 Pro for free when ordering the Nord 4. As with Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 3 Pro, these earbuds continue to use the AirPods design. These earbuds feature a mix of glossy and matte finishes. These will likely sound incredible for the asking price, just like previous Nord Buds, since the earbuds themselves are glossy and the stem is matte.