OnePlus Buds Pro

A new rumour suggests OnePlus is working on the Buds Pro 3. OnePlus released the Buds Pro 2 in February of 2023, followed by the non-Pro OnePlus Buds 3 this February, and we thought the “Pro” moniker was gone, similar to their flagship smartphone lineup.

As it turns out, the OnePlus Buds Pro 3 will be more premium than the Buds 3. According to reports, the Buds Pro 3 will be available in black, gold, and green, but not all colours will be available in all markets.

With the OnePlus Buds 3, you will get an EQ, wear detection sensors, Fast Pair, Dolby Atmos, and Zen Mode Air support. Additionally, they are expected to support dual-device connections, camera shutters, and spatial audio.

As of yet, no other details have been revealed, so it’s unclear when these may launch or how much they’ll cost – although it stands to reason that they’ll be more expensive than the Buds 3 were. Aside from larger, better sound drivers and (hopefully) a longer battery life, the Buds Pro 3 may also justify the higher price tag.