In the past, Google is rumoured to be switching its Tensor chips to TSMC. According to previously leaked documents, Google will manufacture the Pixel 10 series’ Tensor G5 chipsets with TSMC.

The Tensor G5 is being developed with TSMC, according to a report out of Taiwan. TSMC’s 3nm process will be used in the Tensor G5. It is also reported that Google invests in its own chip research and development.

Google’s Tensor G5 chip will be the company’s first smartphone chip designed independently. Samsung has customized all Tensor chips Google has used in Pixel devices so far. With Google Tensor G5, the company will adopt its architecture design, which is expected to significantly improve the chip’s performance. Besides offering Google more control over its chips, it may also solve some of the problems with Tensor chips.

In addition to benefiting from a higher power efficiency on the Tensor chips, Google will also be able to offer a more capable AI experience on Pixel devices. Google’s architecture is also expected to improve the integration between hardware and software.