In August last year, the Poco M6 Pro 5G was launched, followed by the M6 in December and the M6 Pro 4G in January. We’re almost ready to welcome a new member into the family. The Poco M6 Plus 5G has already been certified in India by BIS last month.

Google Play Console shows the model number 24065PC95I, which indicates it will launch in India (the final “I” signifies that). In addition, the launch could occur this month, since that’s the code for the model number – “24” for the year and “06” for the month. Although Xiaomi / Redmi / Poco devices may be officially announced earlier or later than these numbers suggest, it is not a given.

Based on the Google Play Console listing, the phone’s screen will have a resolution of 1080×2460, and the Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 SoC will be paired with 8GB of RAM. These specs are identical to those of the M6 Pro 5G, so hopefully other things will be different.

A rebranded Redmi Note 13R, which was launched in China last month, is rumored to be the Poco M6 Plus 5G. Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 13R and Poco M6 Pro 5G are almost identical devices – so we’re wondering why it was necessary to launch an almost identical device.