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OPPO Reno12 Series AI features revealed ahead of Indian launch, already listed on Flipkart.

OPPO launched the Reno 12 5G series smartphone on Flipkart as the microsite went live. On OPPO India’s website, the event and product pages reveal the AI features that will debut with the OPPO Reno 12 5G and Reno 12 Pro 5G.

Reno 12 5G series will be marketed as ‘Your Everyday AI Companion’, offering AI features such as AI Best Face, AI Eraser 2.0, AI Studio, and AI Clear Face. According to OPPO, the AI features will eliminate the need for photo editing.

AI Features:

In AI Eraser 2.0, objects will be erased with a tap after circling like Google’s Magic Eraser. Currently, it is the only AI-based closed-eye feature available in the segment for capturing the perfect group shot. Therefore, the feature can be used if someone in the group has their eyes closed.

In AI Perfect Shot, the features work together to produce stunning images, including perfect images for LinkedIn, etc. Using trained large models, AI Clear Face generates facial textures, hair, and more to portray every person in group photos as the main character.

OPPO’s AI Studio transforms photos into digital avatars. OPPO uses advanced tone mapping algorithms to enhance light, colour, texture, and eliminate motion blur. According to the algorithms, a human’s facial features can be recognized by 296 features.

As part of Google’s Gemini LLM, the upcoming smartphones include AI Writer, AI Summary, and AI Speak. Additionally, OPPO’s AI Clear Voice technology will reduce background noise by 40 dB and enhance human voice quality.

AI LinkBoost:

By identifying data types, AI LinkBoost optimizes network use and reduces data lag by up to 25%, ensuring that users can easily access videos, messages, etc.