In July 2023, Nothing introduced the Nothing Phone (2), leading to speculation that the Phone (3) will debut the same month. CEO Carl Pei hinted at the arrival of the Phone (3) in a video message, discussing AI features on the company’s devices. The phone is also IP64-rated dust and water-resistant.

Carl Pei discussed artificial intelligence and its integration with consumer technology. While some developments in AI have been impressive, others can be confusing, he acknowledged the attention it has garnered.

A large user base of over 4 billion and the annual shipment of more than 1 billion smartphones demonstrate that smartphones will remain the primary platform for consumer AI. Since the current user experience of smartphones has remained largely unchanged for over a decade, the way we use smartphones requires a major overhaul.

Smartphones will provide a highly personalized, dynamic, cross-device interface that encourages a more natural and intuitive connection with technology.

It has taken the Nothing team two months to design and prototype AI interactions. They intend to introduce these innovations gradually, starting with the Phone (3) next year. They shared some initial concepts to illustrate their vision. The Phone (3) will not launch this year, based on this indication.

Nothing has established itself as the only company in the past decade to build comprehensive capabilities and become a major player in the smartphone industry. As a company, Pei emphasized its focus on delivering exceptional user experiences and integrating hardware and software in a thoughtful manner. With solid growth plans in place, Nothing is ready to advance further and make a significant contribution to consumer AI