Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports on another rumor ahead of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) just three days away. Apple will introduce a Passwords app that will manage passwords across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, visionOS, and Windows devices, according to a recent report. It will be a separate app and platform from Apple’s current iCloud Keychain and it will be a direct competitor to password managers like LastPass and 1Password.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple Passwords will offer different categories for accounts, passkeys, and Wi-Fi networks. When signing up for platforms, the app will also automatically fill in passwords and generate new ones. It is also rumored that Apple Passwords will offer authentication codes like Google Authenticator and that passwords can be imported from other password managers.

AI features:

In iOS 18, the basic AI functions will run on the device, while more advanced features will need more processing power and depend on Apple’s servers.

Apple is also developing chips for its servers to run advanced AI features, according to previous reports. It has also been reported that the company plans to use its M series chips to process AI.

A limited infrastructure may be the reason for not offering cloud-based AI to more iPhones. Most of Samsung’s and Google’s cutting-edge AI features are exclusive to the newer models.

The iOS 18 update will reportedly include AI features like notification summarization (called Greymatter Catch Up), object removal from images, and a revamped notes application with speech-to-text conversion. Siri also gains new capabilities, such as the ability to open documents, delete emails, summarize articles, etc.