After 14 years, Apple finally released a calculator app for iPad on the iPad OS 18. With an Apple Pencil you can even do Math Notes – writing complicated equations and getting real-time solutions. You can even change variables and the results will update. Notes supports all Math Notes features.

Using machine learning, SmartScript improves handwriting legibility while still maintaining the handwritten style in Notes.

A new floating tab bar will appear on top of your apps as a shortcut and then transform into a sidebar. The API will be available to developers and will allow for contextual menus, easier navigation, and document searching within apps.

iPadOS 18 will also bring the personalization options and updated Photos app from iOS 18, as well as Apple Intelligence for iPads with the M1 chip or newer. The new AI features from Apple include notification prioritization, information summarization, image creation, and an updated Siri. There will be a developer beta of iPadOS 18 launching today, a public beta coming next month, and a final version coming in the fall.