With iOS 18, Apple promises new features, including artificial intelligence (AI) integrated directly into iPhones. According to rumors, these iOS 18 AI features may be exclusive to recent iPhone models.

iOS 18 might follow Apple’s practice of optimizing software for its hardware. The most advanced iOS 18 AI features may be restricted to iPhones with the latest A-series chips, likely the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models and the upcoming iPhone 16.┬áiOS 18’s AI potential is unlocked by these phones’ significantly improved neural engines. The company hasn’t been shy about limiting features based on processor power in the past – some of the features introduced in iOS 15 require A12 Bionic chips or later.

iOS 12

There may be some AI features that aren’t available for older iPhones, but Apple might also offer cloud-based AI features that require less processing power. As a result, older iPhone models could also benefit from these features. Some iOS 18 AI features will run on-device, while others will be cloud-based, but older iPhone users might still experience them.

According to reports, Siri will sound more natural and voice memos will be seamlessly transcribed. Even though these features are convenient, an upgrade might not be necessary immediately. There is no doubt that Siri’s functionality has improved over time, and third-party apps already offer voice memo transcription.