The Samsung Electronics Galaxy Buds 3 series will be unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event in July, according to industry insiders. According to reports, Samsung will release two versions of the Galaxy Buds 3: a Pro model and a standard model. With this move, the company hopes to appeal to a wider range of consumers with different needs and preferences.

With the upcoming Galaxy Buds 3 series, Samsung is rumored to redesign the “kidney bean” shape. An article from a Korean publication reports that a stem will be added to the design, which will make it appear as if the bean is sprouting.┬áThere is no image of a prototype available yet, but the addition of a stem suggests the design is similar to Apple’s AirPods.

Since Samsung’s phones have had the same design from the beginning, call quality is deemed inferior as the mic is not pointed directly at the sound source. Samsung could improve the aspect by adding a stem like the AirPods.

Furthermore, the speculated design could provide more space for internal components. In addition to packing a larger battery, the extra space can also be used to add extra equipment required for AI-related features or to add a larger battery. Samsung intends to improve call quality and enhance the active noise-canceling function with this new design.