According to Mark Gurman’s reports, Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 will feature generative AI features thanks to a partnership with OpenAI. Apple’s WWDC 2024 announcement plans include an improved Siri voice assistant as part of this collaboration.

Apple appears to be hedging its bets as OpenAI appears to be the frontrunner. In iOS 18, Google is negotiating to possibly integrate Gemini, their AI offering, as an additional option.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the AI features that are rumored to be included in iOS 18. Among the features users can expect are automatic emoji generation and auto-generated emails and text messages. After the new update, the iPhone series will be a stronger contender in the smartphone market, offering features on par with Google’s Pixel series. Users of iPhones will be able to communicate and interact more efficiently with these features.

New AI features:

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that iOS 18 and macOS 15 will offer AI-based features such as auto-generated emojis and suggested replies to emails and messages. Gurman explained in his latest “Power On” newsletter that Apple’s AI strategy focuses on providing practical tools for everyday users, such as new features for Safari, Photos, and Notes. AI will apparently be used by Apple to deliver the following new features:

  • Photo retouching.
  • Voice memo transcription.
  • Suggested replies to emails and messages.
  • New emojis are auto-generated based on a user’s messages, adding new emojis to the existing catalog.
  • Improved Safari web search.
  • Faster and more reliable searches in Spotlight.
  • More natural interactions with Siri.
  • This version of Siri is designed specifically for the Apple Watch and is optimized for “on-the-go tasks.”
  • Recaps of missed notifications, individual messages, web pages, news articles, documents, notes, and more.
  • Developer tools for Xcode.

On-device AI tools will run entirely on the device, whereas cloud-based tools will require more processing power. According to reports, Apple will tout this plan’s privacy benefits.