For the Pixel 10 and 10 Pro, Google is rumored to design the Tensor G5 chip itself. Since its debut, Tensor chips have relied on Samsung’s expertise and Foundry to fabricate, but G5 is said to make the switch to TSMC.

Google is switching to TSMC, according to the shipping manifest for a sample Tensor G5 chip obtained by Android Authority.

According to the document, the chip has the part number G313-09488-00, is an Integrated Circuit, and is a System on a Chip. Additionally, it confirms that the SoC is manufactured by TSMC. It has been speculated that the component is the Tensor G5 chipset, and its codename is LGA, which is thought to stand for Laguna Beach, the fifth-generation Tensor chipset codename.

According to the document, TSMC is also using InFO POP for packaging the chipsets, another indication that the Tensor G5 is in production. TSMC is the only company that offers InFO POP technology.

The document further confirms that the chip has passed a system-level test (SLT) simulating basic functionalities. Similarly, it mentions 16GB of POP RAM (package-on-package), potentially hinting at similar memory options in the Pixel 10 series.

The Pixel 10 might be a better choice if you’re planning to upgrade to a Pixel this year (Pixel 9 series). It is likely that the Pixel 10 will feature a more powerful and customized chip that Google designed specifically for the Pixel 10.