Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple plans to power some of its upcoming iOS 18 features with servers that use Apple silicon chips.

Some of the most advanced AI tasks planned for this year and beyond will be powered by M2 Ultra chips. As a result of the popularity of ChatGPT and other AI products, Apple reportedly accelerated its server plans, and future servers may use next-generation M4 processors.

There will be some on-device tasks, but more intensive ones, such as generating images and summarizing articles, need cloud connectivity. Cloud-based servers would also be necessary for a more powerful Siri. Apple has long been concerned about privacy, but the team working on servers says Apple chips inherently protect users’ privacy.

Previously, Gurman claimed all iOS 18 features would run on-device, but some capabilities may actually use cloud servers. For now, Apple will use its own servers, but it may also use servers from other companies in the future.

Apple is rumored to develop the M4 Ultra chip for powering the servers in the data centers.After ChatGPT kicked off the latest AI craze with the ChatGPT chatbot, Apple decided to accelerate its plans to use its own chips and cloud-based servers to run complex AI tasks.

Apple’s WWDC 2024 kicks off on June 10th, and the keynote on that day will introduce some of the AI changes planned for iOS 18 and Siri. As the largest iOS update ever, we can expect text summarization, AI-based search, and document analysis in Safari, Siri,┬áMessages, Mail, and Spotlight Search.