Samsung has been rumored to introduce a new foldable device called the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra, and now we can confirm that the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra is indeed set for release. According to our database, Samsung will introduce the Z Fold6 Ultra as part of the upcoming Fold 6 series of foldable devices.

In the Fold series, Samsung had never introduced an “Ultra” model. With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung released its first “Ultra smartphone,” and the S24 Ultra was recently unveiled. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra will be the first Ultra model in the Fold series.

Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra:

Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra with model number SM-F958N has been spotted in the database. We believe this is the “Fold6 Ultra” since Samsung typically designates the last digit of the model number as 8. SM-S911x is the model number of the Galaxy S23, whereas SM-S918x is the model number of the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While the S24 Ultra’s model number is SM-S928x, the S24’s is SM-S921x.

As a result, all previous Galaxy Fold models have model numbers ending with “6”. With the SM-F958N present in our database, we can confidently say that Samsung is indeed working on an “Ultra” foldable phone that will be revealed soon. Its internal model number is Q6A. At the moment, we are unable to say when the Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra will launch; we expect Samsung to unveil it during the Galaxy Unpacked event in July.

We are quite excited about Samsung’s Ultra foldable device. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra will likely only be available in Korea, however. As far as we know, there are no other devices in our database except for the SM-F958N. Samsung phones have reserved the letter N for the Korean market as the last letter in the model number. Korea will be the only country selling the Z Fold6 Ultra.

We could find a clue if we find another model number for this device in our database. There is a possibility that Samsung plans to release it not just in Korea, but also in Europe and the US. At the moment, it doesn’t seem very likely based on what we know.

Samsung Unpacked Part 2:

On July 10, Samsung will host its next Galaxy Unpacked event. Several sources have now confirmed that Samsung has chosen July 10 for its second Unpacked event of the year.

On July 10, Samsung Unpacked will be held in Paris. While it might seem odd for Samsung to hold its second biggest launch event in Paris this year, the Summer Olympics are taking place there this year, so it makes sense. As a big sponsor of the Olympics, Samsung typically creates an Olympic version of its latest flagship phone.