Samsung appears to have ditched the Watch 7 Pro rumors in favor of a brand-new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch Ultra. Whether or not Samsung will unveil the Watch 7 Pro in the next generation Watch 7 series remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: Samsung will release a brand new smartwatch called the Galaxy Watch Ultra.

The battery size of the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro had previously been revealed. Samsung may introduce the Watch Ultra instead of the Watch 7 Pro, according to the database. There are three new watches Samsung is expected to unveil: Watch 7, Watch 7 Classic, and Watch Ultra.

An upcoming Galaxy Watch with the model number EB-BL705ABY is expected to have a larger battery (578mAh). As Samsung skipped the Classic model with the Watch5 series, we might not see three new watches (Watch 7, Watch 7 Classic, and Watch Ultra). SM-L705U, SM-L705N, and SM-L705F are the three model numbers for the upcoming Galaxy Watch Ultra. US, Korean, and Global model numbers are listed here. There will be several regions where the new Watch Ultra will be launched.

In the coming months, Samsung will also launch the Galaxy Watch FE. This naming strategy is similar to Apple’s recent naming strategy for the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch SE. The Samsung Watch FE will serve as a more affordable alternative to the Watch Ultra.

This year, Samsung may introduce a highly advanced smartwatch. Due to its increased durability against water pressure, the Watch Ultra may include advanced sensors that allow more accurate tracking of workout activities. The GPS tracking could also be more accurate. With Samsung’s next smartwatch using a much larger battery than ever before, the battery life of the Watch Ultra will be significantly increased.