A report from Android Headlines suggests that Nothing is working on an upgraded version of the Nothing Phone (2a).

It is unclear whether the upcoming smartphone, codenamed “PacManPro,” will offer any significant improvements over its predecessor, the Nothing Phone (2a). Dylan Roussel revealed some information about Nothing’s upcoming smartphones yesterday. Nothing’s new models are codenamed “PacManPro” and “Tetris.” We will focus on PacManPro in this article.

There are two codenames associated with the Nothing Phone (2a): “Aerodactyl” and “PacMan”. As the codename “PacManPro” emerged, it was speculated that a new version of the Phone (2a) would be released. These claims are completely true. Both smartphones’ model numbers have been spotted by Android Headlines.

There is a model number “A142” on the Nothing Phone (2a). The model number “A142P” was leaked in the database for the new smartphone codenamed “PacManPro”. A comparison of the model numbers reveals similarities. The number “A142” appears on both of them.

Additionally, “PacManPro” confirms the A142P model number is an improved Nothing Phone (2a) version. It is possible that the “P” stands for Pro or Plus. As a result, the device with model number A142P could be referred to as Nothing Phone (2a)+ or Nothing Phone (2a) Pro. There is no official information about the name.

There are several ways to improve “PacManPro”: adding a more powerful processor, adding a camera, or redesigning it. Nothing Phone (2a) may have the codename “PacManPro” and the model number “A142P”. In this case, we can’t be certain.

The Nothing codenamed “Tetris” has also been spotted. The mysterious Nothing smartphone will be revealed in the next few days. Watch this space.