As a leading company in artificial intelligence, Google’s smartphones are a natural fit with its advancements. Google introduced a mixture of AI features on-device and in the cloud with the Pixel 8 series last year. The highly anticipated Pixel 9 could bring even more AI functionality to the device.

AssembleDebug, a well-known Android expert, recently shared on the Pixel-focused blog PiunikaWeb that the upcoming Google Pixel phones will have enhanced AI capabilities. Text-to-image capability is one example, but there are also improvements to Magic Compose, the ability to generate complex auto-reply suggestions, and the ability to categorize and embed text.

In the Google AI Core app and Google Messages beta, code sleuthing revealed this scoop. This code hints that the Pixel 9 might produce images without relying on cloud services, which could speed up the process. Pixel 8 Pro does AI-generated wallpapers as well, but relies on cloud storage.

The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature suggests enhanced text recognition on-device. As spotted in the beta code for the chat service, AI will be able to respond to queries right within Google Messages.

The Pixel 9 series AI capabilities may be transformed if the leak is accurate and Google indeed rolls out more on-device AI features.