On the FCC certification website, a mysterious Google smartwatch has been spotted. Google Pixel Watch 2a is rumored to be the watch. Due to the search giant’s annual October event, the Pixel Watch 3 is not expected until then.

According to 9to5Google, the model number for the mysterious smartwatch is G4SKY. The device’s name is not explicitly mentioned. It appears that the upcoming offering will probably run WearOS. The model will feature Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE all in one. Additionally, this mysterious smartwatch does not support ultrawide-band connections like the Pixel Watch 3.

Like the Pixel A-series phones, it is unclear whether Google plans to release an affordable A-series smartwatch. In that case, the device would be referred to as the Pixel Watch 2a.¬† More details about the wearable device will be revealed soon. At Google’s upcoming I/O Developer conference next month, it remains to be seen if any details about its mid-range smartwatch will be revealed.

The smartwatch could also be Fitbit-branded and run WearOS. According to leaks and rumors, the Google Pixel Watch 3 will come in a larger size.