Satellite communication may be introduced in Google’s upcoming Pixel 9 series later this year.

Android Authority reports, citing a Google insider, that the Pixel 9 will use the Samsung Modem 5400 to connect to satellites via 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTNs). Remote locations without cellular service are now able to send emergency messages.

Initially, T-Mobile will offer the service, leveraging SpaceX’s direct-to-cell Starlink network.  At first, users will only be able to send text messages. Several statewide trials in states, as well as preparations for global testing, have been approved by the FCC for NASA’s cellular Starlink platform.

The SpaceX Starlink service was successfully tested earlier this month on Pixel phones from leading manufacturers. The Pixel 9 emergency texting feature will respond to specific prompts, allowing emergency services to provide faster assistance and streamline communication. It is similar to Apple’s Emergency SOS feature on iPhones.

Google announced a collaboration with AST SpaceMobile in February to advance satellite connectivity for Android devices. Android 15’s second developer preview further improved satellite roaming support.

It also enables satellite connectivity support for both Google’s own messaging applications and third-party services, according to Dave Burke, engineering VP for Google.

Android Authority reports that the next generation of the Pixel Fold will also feature satellite connectivity.