Samsung’s Galaxy Watch7 will arrive in three versions, according to a new rumor. In early to mid-July, Samsung is rumored to unveil the wearables along with the Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Z Fold6 and Galaxy Z Flip6.

According to reports, there will be three versions of the Watch7: Classic, Pro, and an unnamed third. We recently told you about the rectangular-shaped Galaxy Watch. The launch of three different smartwatches by Samsung would be a first. Until now, we have had a vanilla model and either a Classic or a Pro model.

Exynos W940 is rumored to be in the new wearables, which are purportedly 50% more energy-efficient than Exynos W930 inside the Galaxy Watch6 series. Even though that won’t translate into 50% more battery life, it should still be a good improvement. Samsung’s W940 might be the first chip to use its 3nm process, which could explain the improved efficiency. That would mean a 30% boost in performance if that’s true.