In the second half of this year, Samsung will launch its new smartwatch. As reported earlier this month, Samsung’s Unpacked event will be held in July 2024, a few weeks earlier than usual. Samsung is also making changes to the entire Galaxy Watch line.

There will be three variants of the Galaxy Watch 7, one higher than usual. It is still unclear what each will be called. Samsung will also double the storage on its upcoming smartwatch, from 16GB on the Galaxy Watch 6 to 32GB on the Galaxy Watch 7. If you install apps and watch faces after installing higher storage, you will have more space to store offline music for outdoor workouts.

With the Galaxy Watch 7, Samsung is also changing the whole model number scheme. There are two variants of the first variant: SM-L300 and SM-L305. Following that are the SM-L310 and SM-L315, while the Galaxy Watch 7’s highest-end variants are the SM-L700 and SM-L705. Cellular connectivity and eSIM might be available with model numbers ending with 5.

The Galaxy Watch 7 is reportedly Samsung’s first product with a 3nm chip. Compared to the Galaxy Watch 6, it is said to be 50% more power-efficient. It may also run a newer version of Wear OS and One UI Watch.