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Samsung might bring back the original Galaxy Gear design for the upcoming Galaxy Watch.

Samsung is bringing back its squarish design for the Galaxy Watch, more than a decade after it launched its first smartwatch. You may remember Samsung Galaxy Gear’s first launch in 2013 when it entered the smartwatch market. Unlike other smartwatches at the time, it had a 1.6-inch Super AMOLED display.

Recent Samsung smartwatches are known for their circular design, which has become synonymous with the Galaxy Watch. After a very positive response, Samsung is looking to shake things up again. Samsung is reportedly looking to bring back the square design for its smartwatches. This would be similar to previous Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, and Gear Live models. Samsung’s circular smartwatches have since eclipsed those models launched more than a decade ago

Whether Samsung will return to the squarish design with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series, or if it will wait another year to do so, is unknown at this point.

It sounds like the switch is very much on the cards and is enthusiastically being considered internally. Now that customers have grown to love the circular design of the Galaxy Watch series, it will be interesting to see how Samsung implements it.