Samsung showed off the Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024, but didn’t elaborate much on its features. Here’s a look at one of its killer features – meal planning. The Samsung Mobile eXperience division (MX) and the Home Appliance division are working together to integrate Samsung Food with the Galaxy Ring, according to Korean sources.

Samsung intends to use the smart ring to provide meal and diet suggestions. As you move throughout the day, Galaxy Ring will monitor your activity, and Samsung Food, linked with a smart Samsung refrigerator with AI vision, will provide diet suggestions based on calorie consumption and body mass index (BMI).

With the Samsung oven also connected, it will apply the cooking temperature and time accordingly, and the Samsung e-Food center can also deliver ingredients.

Most of these products and services are still only available in Korea, and the appliances are expensive. The effect might snowball once this feature launches, and other companies will want to jump on board.

Currently, Samsung Food is available in 104 countries and regions. The app replaces Whisk, which was the largest social network for sharing recipes before being acquired in 2019. According to rumors, the Galaxy Ring will start suggesting meal plans once it launches in late July.