iPhone 16 Pro is likely to feature a brand-new Capture Button. There is no evidence that Apple made this case, but Sonny Dickson has a decent track record when it comes to Apple’s doings.

Under the power button, there is a clear cutout on the right side. If we pile speculation on speculation, the power button has a rubber cover, while the expected Capture Button has a cutout. That could be due to the case design, or it could be related to the button itself.

Apple is reportedly working on adding a Capture Button to the upcoming iPhone 16 Pros.

The iPhone now has an Action Button mounted on the left side, which is very un-Apple. A soft shutter button on a typical camera is expected to mimic the button on this device. The half press will engage focus, while the full press will take a picture. Back then, Sony phones had shutter buttons, but they were slimmer and of less quality.