A recent Pixel software update may have unintentionally revealed Google’s plans for the upcoming Pixel 8a. It has been confirmed that the Pixel 8a will have an expanded battery stats page.

Android 14 QPR1 introduced a useful battery stats feature that displayed charging cycle counts and battery manufacturing dates. In the March 2024 Pixel update, this feature mysteriously disappeared.

On a bug tracker page, Google clarified that the feature was never intended for currently released devices. According to the company, this page is only enabled for Pixel 8a and up, so it is WAI (Working as Intended).

The Google statements confirm two important points. The announcement confirms that Google is working on an affordable Pixel 8a.

In the system settings, future Pixel devices will feature a dedicated and perhaps more comprehensive battery health monitoring section. However, older Pixel devices won’t be able to use this feature.

This slip-up suggests that Google is working on improving how Pixel users can understand their phones’ battery life.

In May, Google I/O may coincide with the Pixel 8a launch. It would follow the same release schedule as its predecessors.