The iPhone has already proven to be a valuable safety feature, and Android phones are now following suit. Google Pixel devices may soon feature a “Satellite SOS” feature allowing users to connect with emergency services without cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity.

In the “Safety & Emergency” settings section of Pixel phones, users can already find a “Satellite SOS” option. 9to5Google’s investigation of a rooted Pixel phone revealed a detailed menu explaining Satellite SOS.

The Satellite SOS page explains, “With your Pixel, you can message emergency services and share your location when you can’t connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.”

The Pixel’s Satellite SOS will allow users to send messages to emergency services and share their location via Google Maps when conventional signals are unavailable. It may also be possible for users to provide details about the emergency.

As part of this service, Google will need the user’s name, phone number from their Google account, and up to three emergency contacts.

Both emergency responders and satellite service providers will be able to access information including the user’s location, device details, and details about the emergency.

Satellite SOS will not be available in all countries, but a link to a Garmin Search and Rescue Insurance plan suggests Garmin might be involved. There are demo features available, but they are not yet functional.

As of now, Google has not provided an exact timeline for when Satellite SOS will be fully operational. Although the setting appears to be widespread among Pixel devices and has a comprehensive menu behind it, a launch is likely.